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Originally from Brooklyn, NY, James Patrick transplanted to Arizona 13 years ago because "nothing beats Arizona weather; being greeted by the sun every day".  When he's not tattooing he enjoys being home with his family.  James has the most amazing partner in life, "to put up with a reclusive, fickle, mental case artist, she must be uniquely awesome".  His 6 year old son and a slew of pets keep him pretty occupied when he's not behind the needle. James started tattooing in 2001 and after 18 years has really been able to hone his craft.  He's gained invaluable knowledge over the years.  Working in New York, Pennsylvania, and Arizona has afforded him the opportunity to be a part of the most diverse culture which his work reflects.  He is a versatile artist and can master just about any style.  In recent years, he has developed a passion for large scale, full body work tattoos, inspiring him to drive his art and tattoo work in that direction.  James specializes in American Traditional and Japanese Traditional, and of course - "the bigger, the better!"