A consultation guarantees our clients time to collaborate with their artist without interruption.  The customer will describe their concept and may provide examples to assist artist design.  The artist will share ideas, provide professional input, and start a rough sketch.  This collaboration is scheduled for 30 minutes but may last longer depending on artist availability.  A final design can be completed during your consultation or, depending on design complexity, may continue via email messaging while the draft evolves into final custom design.

Step 1.  Review artist bios and portfolios on the
Artists tab.
Step 2.  Determine which artist style appeals to you.  If you are unsure, any artist will be happy to meet with you!

Step 3.  Collect images to share with your artist that will help describe your vision.  You can bring them to your consultation or email them to your artist prior to your appointment.  Artist e-mail addresses are listed below.
Step 4.  If this is your first tattoo, please review the
Before & Aftercare tab to help you know what to expect.

NOTE:  This scheduling tool is for consultations only.  Actual tattoo work, including touch-ups, must be scheduled by speaking directly with your artist either via phone or e-mail.