Developing unique relationships with his clientele, Terry “Wookie” Hoffman has earned the privilege to participate in many customer’s journey of healing and recovery by disguising mastectomy scars with beautifully feminine floral pieces, tattooed nipple reconstruction, and provides free “property stamp” cover-ups for victims of human trafficking.

Terry’s passion is evident by the level of care and consideration that goes into every tattoo he produces, whether it’s a simple sunflower or a large custom design.  Terry’s work is his legacy, which is why he backs it up with a lifetime guarantee that “it doesn’t suck”.


Terry “Wookie” Hoffman is a veteran of the Arizona tattoo industry and his preference for the small, close knit atmosphere of the neighborhood tattoo shop drove him to open his own in 2016.  Thanks to his loyal following, and generations of clientele, he expanded Wookie Style Tattoos to open the first tattoo shop in Ahwatukee in 2018. 

While he is well versed in all styles and genres of tattoo art, Terry’s specialty is photo-realism, whether black and gray or color, it has become his passion.  Featured in multiple tattoo publications and mainstream media, Terry was described by Newsweek as a “Master of Realism” in the 2014 article entitled “3-D Tattoo Takeover” and his 9/11 memorial tattoo aired nationally on ABC News. 

Dedication to his craft and an impeccable reputation have afforded Terry international success, including First Place Portrait Tattoo in the 2005 International Tattoo Competition.  His awarded recognition spans a wide variety of categories from traditional pin-up to wildlife, Celtic, tribal, floral and fantasy.

"We want ya braggin' not bitchin'!"

 - Wookie

Terry "Wookie" Hoffman