• Remove bandage after two (2) hours; wash with warm water and gentle soap.

    • Do not use a washcloth, just use your bare, clean hands. A washcloth is too rough.

  • Massage lotion into the skin five (5) times a day.  Rub it in completely until there are no white streaks.

    • We recommend Curel or Lubriderm lotion for sensitive skin, low alcohol content is key.

  • Absolutely NO SOAKING, SUNNING, OR SWIMMING for at least ten (10) days.

    • Showers are fine, just nothing where you are soaking your new tattoo. 

  • For the first three (3) nights, cover the tattoo with Saran Wrap (clear plastic wrap).

    • Saran Wrap doesn't stick to you, so it will protect you from sticking to your sheets or pillowcases and traumatizing your tattoo.

    • It will be goopy, gross, and nasty looking when you wake up, DON'T freak out!  That is the plasma and sweat, stained by excess ink that would have stuck you to the sheets. 

  • Try not to wear any clothing that will irritate the tattoo while healing.

    • Pay attention to hems on sleeves or pant/short legs as well as bra straps. 

Preparing for Your Tattoo

After Care

  • Absolutely NO drugs or alcohol prior to your appointment.

  • Make sure you eat a good meal and stay hydrated prior to and during your session.  Water is available at the shop, but it is key to stay hydrated prior to your appointment.

  • ​​​Known health issues can be disclosed on the customer information sheet.  This allows the artist to take additional precautions if necessary, rest assured personal information is always kept confidential.

  • Proper care is taken to sanitize all workstations and equipment before and after every tattoo session.  Safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance for our artists and our customers.  Special care is given to ensure a sanitary environment is maintained at all times.

  • Following the tattoo session, you will be advised on how to care for your new tattoo to ensure proper healing.  Aftercare products are available for sale to ease the healing process and preserve the quality of the artwork provided.